Let's say "disappointed with Hardy"

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Jun 11 14:59:19 UTC 2008

Kent Borg wrote:

> I am disappointed with Hardy.  Compared with 7.10:
>  1. Sleep doesn't work so well.  It will sleep but on waking it
> sometimes makes feedback noises out the speaker and puts up a message
> saying the sleep failed.

How is this a problem?  I've seen the "sleep failed" message, but if it
really is sleeping, it's just a spurious message.  Since, when I check my
logs, I see almost everything about sleep/hibernate is actually logged
_after_ resumption, I just ignore pretty well everything I see about them. 
As for the "feedback noises", what do you mean?  If you mean like "feedback
loop", rather than "user feedback", I can't help, but my soundcard usually
makes all sorts of satisfied little noises as it finds and connects to

>  2. Waking up from sleep takes a long time.  I think it is trying to
> find its network.

So check the logs, and see what it really is doing.  Particularly look for a
period where nothing is being logged.  Post here...

> I get a text console.  I can switch to the GUI 
> console by hand, but a bit later it will blank and redraw the screen as
> IT decides I am now allowed to use the GUI.

I'm guessing that you need a VBE POST after resume, but for the life of me I
can't remember where I configured that - it can't be done via either the
Gnome or KDE power-management applet.

>  3. The networking setup doesn't work so well.  I frequently have to do
> a manual ifdown/ifup.

Again, check the logs and find something to tell us what "doesn't work so
well" means.

>  4. Sound seems to not share well.  Firefox and Rhythmbox can both use
> the sound out hardware, but only one at a time, the first one wins, I
> need to quit it to use the other.

I believe that's Firefox's fault, but no idea how to fix it.  It needs to
use your sound daemon rather than directly accessing the sound card.

>  5. The Panasonic function keys have all gone silent.  I think this is a
> kernel.org change, but it is still a bottom line difference.  (Is
> Panasonic really an obscure computer company?)

Yes.  These keys used to be supported in acpi-support, and I'm not sure if
it's being used now.  Its power management functions are being replaced by
pm (which is why 1-3 have changed). Check whether the acpi-support package
is installed.  In my case:
$ dlocate panasonic | grep acpi-support
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-brightness-down
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-brightness-up
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-hibernatebtn
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-lockbtn
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-mute
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-sleepbtn
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-volume-down
acpi-support: /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-volume-up

>  6. At least one Java web site (logmein.com) doesn't work anymore.

That would seem likely to just mean you are missing one or more Java
packages that you used to have.  Since the sun-java packages aren't
installed from the CD, it seems likely that you don't have them.

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