Phil Sexton philsexton at
Mon Jul 14 21:09:14 UTC 2008

Allen Meyers wrote:
> Obviously with this post I am recognized immediately as new and curious 
> with questions. The absolute beginners section which I posted to has me 
> somewhat confused. I cannot find my post nor any answers. E-mail lists I 
> understand because my answer if any is in my in-box.
> I love ubuntu, but the puppy forum spoiled me as they have the 
> capability to click on my posts and there they are along with replies. 
> Not making any comparisons just attempting to learn the ins-and outs of 
> the ubuntu forum. Did I miss something very basic in my research. Please 
> advise as I am as excited as a 76 year old can be with ubuntu and 
> curious as all get out.

Google showed me a web forum rather than an e-mail list, so perhaps 
you would like to join the Ubuntu forums:

If you wish to change your settings for the e-mail list, go here:

Welcome to Ubuntu!

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