Installing fonts

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Jul 5 15:49:56 UTC 2008

Rick wrote:
> In earlier releases of Ubuntu, I had no trouble dropping fonts into a 
> folder / directory and making the system recognize the change. In 
> Kubuntu 8.04 there is a lovely interface for performing this function. 
> Ubuntu 8.04 seems to have changed the rules of the game. The last time I 
> checked, information sources do not explain the new rules. I have 
> already added the
> sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
    Well I did the above and it finished complete. I then ran Open 
Office Writer and there were the fonts.

>  and
> sudo fc-cache -f -v.
> Just what must I do to add a bunch of fonts to the fonts repository on 
> Ubuntu?
    Which fonts repository are you talking about?


> Your assistance will be most appreciated.
> Rick


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