Few questions before moving from Windows to Linux Ubuntu

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Tue Feb 26 12:20:53 UTC 2008

Asif Kilwani wrote:
> 1. Can Linux and Windows to be installed same time? Can I choose which
> OS to boot?

Yes, but before you do the installation, make a backup of your data. 
Otherwise you may be in trouble when you shrink your Windows partition to 
make room for Linux. Sometimes this step fails.

> 2. During Windows can i switch to Linux and vice versa

Only if you use one of the systems in a virtual machine. Check out 
VirtualBox or Vmware - both are available for Linux and Windows.

> 3. Will Linux automatically load the drivers of all installed hardware
> or I've to install separately?

Not all hardware is supported, because some manufacturers don't release 
specification for their hardware and also don't deliver drivers for 
Linux. But you can test most of your hardware with a Live CD without 
installing anything. That is much slower than the real installation, 
though, because all the software is squeezed onto a single CD. But for 
testing hardware support it should be a good starting point.

> 4. Will giant software developers like Adobe softwares will work on
> Linux?

Only a few commercial programs are available for Linux, Adobe Reader is 
one of them. However, there are many programs available as free software 
which are a viable replacement for commercial software. If you tell us 
which programs you intend to use, someone might tell you a free 


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