Help with firefox, icons in Gutsy

Scott R. Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Sun Feb 24 18:35:08 UTC 2008

On Sun, 24 Feb 2008, Karl Larsen wrote:

> Scott R. Ehrlich wrote:
>> My parents have an of-the-shelf P3 system (I put it together for them)
>> dualboot WinXP and Ubuntu Gutsy.   I'm trying to get them to migrate
>> completely to Gutsy, and they are almost ready to try it, but they pointed
>> out some things I can't resolve yet -
>> I gave them gnome, as it is closest to WinXP's layout -
>> - When starting firefox, the browser opens, but the mouse pointer/pinwheel
>> remains active for about 10 more seconds, then returns to a pointer.   Is
>> firefox that power-hungry now it needs a little more time to load?
>> Firefox in Windows works instantly.   Not sure of other apps also
>> experience this delay.
>    This is a non issue. The mouse pointer really has nothing to do with
> Firefox.

You miss the point.  Firefox is taking a bit longer to load under Ubuntu 
than Windows.  The mouse pointer is reflecting this with the circle/clock 
- the equivalent of an hourglass.  Why is firefox appearing to take longer 
to load under Linux than Windows?

>> - I want to change the OpenOffice Word Processor icon to Microsoft's W
>> (for word - I have a W .jpeg).  I've done google searching, and none of
>> the Launcher options or properties of OO permit me to change its icon.
>> What am I missing?
>    You can do the change to a W but why? Let your parents learn the
> power of OO. It is far better than Microsoft Office 2008.

The psychological component.   If they see "W", they may be more inclined 
to stick with Linux.   Forget the "power of" piece.   We're dealing with 
average Joe and Jane user who may NOT want change, but are trusting their 
son to something new.   I want to make it as seemless as possible.   This 
answer doesn't cut it.


> Karl
>> I would hate to see Windows XP with Service Pack 2 outperform Ubuntu and
>> have my parents disuaded from using it because of these "flaws".
>> Ubuntu is fully updated.
>> Thanks.
>> Scott
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