Help with firefox, icons in Gutsy

Chris Mohler cr33dog at
Sun Feb 24 18:55:47 UTC 2008

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 11:13 AM, Scott R. Ehrlich <scott at> wrote:
> My parents have an of-the-shelf P3 system (I put it together for them)
>  dualboot WinXP and Ubuntu Gutsy.   I'm trying to get them to migrate
>  completely to Gutsy, and they are almost ready to try it, but they pointed
>  out some things I can't resolve yet -
>  I gave them gnome, as it is closest to WinXP's layout -
>  - When starting firefox, the browser opens, but the mouse pointer/pinwheel
>  remains active for about 10 more seconds, then returns to a pointer.   Is
>  firefox that power-hungry now it needs a little more time to load?
>  Firefox in Windows works instantly.   Not sure of other apps also
>  experience this delay.

I could be way off on this, but sometimes FF starts slowly if your dns
or hosts settings are not to it's liking.  Take a look at this BUT I
don't know if this applies to gutsy:
Or you could use strace to see where firefox is slowing down (man strace).

>  - I want to change the OpenOffice Word Processor icon to Microsoft's W
>  (for word - I have a W .jpeg).  I've done google searching, and none of
>  the Launcher options or properties of OO permit me to change its icon.
>  What am I missing?

Right-click the launcher, select 'Properties', click on the icon.


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