Help with firefox, icons in Gutsy

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sun Feb 24 17:49:16 UTC 2008

Scott R. Ehrlich wrote:
> My parents have an of-the-shelf P3 system (I put it together for them) 
> dualboot WinXP and Ubuntu Gutsy.   I'm trying to get them to migrate 
> completely to Gutsy, and they are almost ready to try it, but they pointed 
> out some things I can't resolve yet -
> I gave them gnome, as it is closest to WinXP's layout -
> - When starting firefox, the browser opens, but the mouse pointer/pinwheel 
> remains active for about 10 more seconds, then returns to a pointer.   Is 
> firefox that power-hungry now it needs a little more time to load? 
> Firefox in Windows works instantly.   Not sure of other apps also 
> experience this delay.
    This is a non issue. The mouse pointer really has nothing to do with 
> - I want to change the OpenOffice Word Processor icon to Microsoft's W 
> (for word - I have a W .jpeg).  I've done google searching, and none of 
> the Launcher options or properties of OO permit me to change its icon.
> What am I missing?
    You can do the change to a W but why? Let your parents learn the 
power of OO. It is far better than Microsoft Office 2008.


> I would hate to see Windows XP with Service Pack 2 outperform Ubuntu and 
> have my parents disuaded from using it because of these "flaws".
> Ubuntu is fully updated.
> Thanks.
> Scott


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