Ken McLennan kenrmcl at
Sun Feb 24 11:46:39 UTC 2008

G'day there Conor & Jack,
    I came into this thread late but I don't think I've missed anything.

> This is an interesting issue I'd like to see addressed, also. As I
> understand it, Gnome doesn't even support different desktop pictures for
> each desktop, while KDE does. Both, however, fail to provide this when
> using Compiz, as Compiz adds a layer of abstraction to the desktops.
> Have I understood that right, list?
    I'll have to go back and check, (on Windoze at the moment trying to 
get to grips with VB .NET) but I recall using Gnome on either RH or Suse 
a few years ago and I had different pix for each desktop. I don't 
remember now whether I had a specific app to do it but I do know that 
there was no Compiz. I've not tried it with my current Ubuntu 7.04.
> I'd love to see a response to Jack's question, too.
> jack wrote:
>> Not really an important item, but one I've puzzled over from time to
>> time. On Desktop1, I have some remote system connections and a few other
>> folder/app links. I'd like to be able to anchor those to Desktop1 only,
>> so that when I switch to Desktop2, the desktop would be empty. Is that
>> possible to do in Gutsy?
>> (I'm not running compiz, just straight ubu 7.10/gnome).
>> Thanks for any input.

    What you describe is the default behaviour. I've never found 
anything otherwise unless I make an app "sticky" so that it shows up in 
all desktops. Check through your menus to see what your current desktop 
settings are and you will probably find the appropriate checkbox.

See ya
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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