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JosephK wrote:
> I have Gutsy installed on my desktop and laptop with both working fine
> except for one slight annoyance. On my desk machine I can change
> workspaces by scrolling the mouse wheel on the desktop background but
> not by scrolling in the taskbar workspace switcher. Also the workspaces
> wrap around.
> On the laptop I can change workspaces by scrolling in the taskbar but
> not on the desktop. Also the workspaces don't wrap.
> They are both standard installs from the alternate CD with restricted
> drivers enabled. The only major difference is that the laptop is ATI
> Radeon and the desk machine is NVidia MX400.
> Any ideas? Would prefer to scroll on the desktop as it's a larger area
> for me to hit when I've had a few drinks :-)


Joe, are you running Compiz on either of those?  Sounds like you have
Compiz running on the desktop and not on the laptop.  You can check by
going to...

System Menu --> Preferences --> Appearance --> Visual Effects

If it is set to "None" then you aren't running Compiz.  If it is set to
"Normal" or "Extra" then you are running Compiz.

With Compiz on you can switch desktops by scrolling on the desktop
background.  With it off you can't do that anymore, instead you can
switch by scrolling in the taskbar.  In either case you can use this
keyboard shortcut:  CRTL+ALT+Left/Right Arrow.

See if enabling Compiz on the laptop solves your problem, it might give
you a headache though since it is running the ATI drivers.  Are you sure
you're using the fglrx ATI driver on the laptop?  You might get a
message to the effect that Desktop Effects could not be enabled.  First
step if that is the case is to open a terminal and type "compiz" and see
what error(s) get(s) thrown when it fails to start.  Post that output
and we should be able to help.

Hint:  if it says something like "Composite Extension not enabled" then
you need to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and add this to the end:

Section "Extensions"
	Option "Composite"	"enable"

Anyways, if that is the solution then you have the enjoyable task of
tweaking your video to make Compiz actually work well.  Post back and
I'm sure we can help.

- -d

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