Environment variables (it was Re: Gridsphere deployment)

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Feb 22 15:43:02 UTC 2008

Bob Holtzman wrote:

> It's been some time since I set up my last box (RH7.3 to give you an idea
> of how long ago it was) but I don't remember writing a script. I may not
> remember correctly but all I recall doing was running export <server>,but
> then the memory fails with age.

# export VARIABLE=xxx

creates a variable that child processes can access, but it
doesn't "persist", and it isn't available to other processes (say, apps
started from your Gnome menu).

If you put the same statement in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile, then it's
available to any new processes, and if you put it in /etc/profile it would
be available to any user.

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