Environment variables (it was Re: Gridsphere deployment)

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Feb 22 00:00:47 UTC 2008

Bob Holtzman wrote:

> I've been trying to export my ISP's NNTP server and can't get it to
> persist. This looks like the reason. Does the information have to be
> entered manually to persist or is there a way to make "export" work?
> I am coming from a redhat environment and it looks like a debian based
> distro has a learning curve for me.

I'm not sure I understand the question.  "export" doesn't "persist"
anything - in Debian or Redhat.  You always have to save it in some script
to have the export available next session. I suppose one could always have
a "logout" script that did that... (for instance, we have a ~/.bash_logout,
where you could do "export >save-file-name", and then use "save-file-name"
at login time to restore the settings) 

I don't have a network connection to my CentOS system at the moment, but I'd
be really surprised if the files you'd use on a RedHat system would be much
different from the ones on Ubuntu.

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