One Way Samba-Solved

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Thu Feb 21 23:06:38 UTC 2008

--- NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:

> On 02/19/2008 06:33 AM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > I can access the Lan and the other  PC shares from
> one
> > machine but not the other. They both have server
> and
> > client samba software installed. The computer from
> > which I can't access using nautilus is a 64 bit
> gutsy
> > on a brand new Gateway gt5656 but I now can mount
> it
> > via info from my last post and see the homes share
> on
> > the 32 bit machine. When I use nautilus on the 64
> bit
> > it only shows the 64 bit shares no matter what I
> do
> > when I try to connect to server. Using nautilus on
> the
> > old maching I was able to copy files from one to
> the
> > other, a first time for me.
> > Both machines have the same smb.conf. The old
> machine
> > is connected wirelessly.  Don't really know what
> info
> > to provide but happy to supply what's requested.
> > What I want to know is how to uses nautilus from
> the
> > 64 bit machine with the same success as I had on
> the
> > 32 bit machine. This is my first use of nautilus .
> > Appreciate any help, suggestions.
> > TIA,
> >  
> > 
> > Leonard Chatagnier
> > lenc5570 at
> > 
> I highly recommend closely reviewing:
> I also recommend assigning fixed IP's to your local
> machines & connect
> by IP address if you encounter problems. This will
> eliminate any
> dns/machine name/resolve problems you may encounter.
> If you find that
> you have no problems with connecting via a fixed IP,
> then you can go
> hunting for name resolution problems.
>This never was a samba issue as my initial setup was
good even after following part of the complete samba
setup thing. It was a matter of different usages of
Dolphin/nautilus between the 32 bit/64 bit machines
and not finding the man pages on the alt CD buggy
install. I had to install the manpages seperately and
thought them auto installed. I can now connect and
view my 32 bit machine from the 64 bit one after
getting the Network to show in the dolphin bookmarks.
Still don't know how that was accomplished but did go
through the Settings-> configure dolphin menu. 
Also, finally was able to mount the 32 bit from the 64
bit machine using a mount command found while
lchata at ubuntu64:~/Documents$ sudo mount -t smbfs -o
//ubuntu/homes /media/winshares
Error connecting to (No route to host)
16068: Connection to ubuntu failed
SMB connection failed
lchata at ubuntu64:~/Documents$

But it's not mounting now as shown above refering to
the wrong IP ADDR. Using the right IP, 192.168.1.
65 works.  If anyone can offer some suggestions to get
my hostname to refer to the current IP and not the one
before I reconfigured the maching when it was
"kubuntu-desktop" and hard wired, I'd be most
Thanks, NoOp for trying. I appreciate it,

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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