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Fri Feb 15 13:35:29 UTC 2008

Quoting Karl Larsen <k5di at>:

> Tom Rausner wrote:
>> Hi, again !
>> I still haven't got my USB-switch to work in spite of all the good
>> advice from this list. I've been doing som googleing on the internet,
>> and it seems that this switch has been proven to work with SOME linux
>> versions (as far as I can see; SuSe and Debian). So i thoughed 'why not
>> Ubuntu?
>> There is no software involved coz it's plug and pray, so that can't be
>> the problem. Does anyone have an explanation to why it's transparent to
>> Windozer but not to Ubuntu. Maby that would give me some ideas on how to
>> eliminate the problem.
>> Tom
>     Do you have a nVidia video card on your computer with no pointer? In
> a terminal do this:
> sudo lspci | grep nVidia
> This will tell you if you have a nVidia video card and if so then you
> need to erase the word 'splash' near the end of the  kernel line of the
> kernel that is booting the system. That will get your pointer back. It
> is a feature of nVidia :-)
> Karl

@Derek Broughton

do you see what I mean? Do you have still words for this?


read and understand the thread before you post


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