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Gerald Dachs ubuntu at
Fri Feb 15 12:19:17 UTC 2008

Quoting Derek Broughton <news at>:

> Gerald Dachs wrote:
>> Sorry, I couldn't know that you know what you are doing. The
>> level of experience and knowledge in this list is so low ...
> Give me a break.
>> I don't know whether to cry or to laugh.
>> I had subscribed to this list because of a problem I have already
>> forgotten, some months ago. During this time I have seen 5 posters
>> that I would name experts.
> Probably a fairly reasonable number.  However, I think I could easily run up
> a list of 20 or more who are pretty helpful, and another handful who have
> shown themselves to be experts with specific apps.
> Insulting the list members gets you killfiled, which tends to mean that
> nobody ever gives you the answers you're looking for, which makes you think
> the knowledge level is low.  It's self-fulfilling.

I would like to be on the killfile of some special members ;). Of course
it would make me sad to be on yours, because you are one of the mentioned
5, but if this will happen then I simply unsubscribe the list.
I am expert enough to help myself in nearly all situations. Sometimes I am not
sure whether I do it the ubuntu way, if I e.g. change configuration  
files directly instead of using a gui and when I build my own ubuntu  
packages I still have some open questions for special cases, like  
dependencies to other packages
that are named differently in ubuntu and debian, but I have my doubts  
that I get the right answers here, this is why I didn't ask.


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