Help! Big trouble with access rights on NFS shares.

Joerg Desch jd.vvd at
Thu Feb 14 13:31:00 UTC 2008

I've done several installations of clients and servers with debian and ubuntu. All of these installation were only small networks, but without trouble. Now I have a problem with NFS, I've never seen before.

My server is running Breezy (yes, it's old, I know ). The harddisks are exported with Samba (for the windoze clients) and with NFS. There is no NIS server active, so I add the user-ids and group-id allways manually. The samba daemon is configured with "force group" to ensure a unique group for each share.

And here is my problem: I've installed Gutsy for a brand new client. The UIDs and GIDs are exactly the same as on the server. I've checked this more than twice! After mounting a NFS path, I can see the access rights as expected -- the GID matches the name. But even if the group rights are matching, I can't get access to the directories! If I am the owner, all is working fine, but if I am only in the same group, it seems that I only get the rights of "other". If I create a directory on the server (with 770), all the other group members can access it (with samba). The group name (and it's ID) is equal to the older directories.

Sample: good_dir with owner jd:group and 770 is ok, but bad_dir with owner foo:group and 770 is not accessable!

If I mount the share with smbfs, I have access as expected.

Heres the snippet from my Gutsy /etc/fstab

camelot:/home/jd /media/nfs/jd nfs rw,hard,intr,user,nosuid,exec,sync 0 0
camelot:/home/Samba/ /media/nfs/lan nfs rw,hard,intr,user,nosuid,exec,sync 0 0

What's the reason for this behaviour?

Is it possible that features like ACL or SElinux are the reason for my problem? I neither use ACL nor SElinux (as far as I know), but maybe the default configuration of Gutsy is a problem.

I've made another simple test: my UID is 3000. Now I've created a test user with the UID 3001. He is member of the same groups a I am. Using this test user (on the same PC), I can access the the above mentioned test directories good_dir and bad_bir. Why? Where's my problem?

Or more information: my previous server / clients were based on Woody (server) and Warty. I've used the same configuration here without trouble.

By the way: the Midnight-Commander shows me the access rights of the filesystem (775, ...) by name (with c-x o). Nautilus seems to get more informations. Here the directories have labels showing the access limitations.

Any hints?

Email: Joerg Desch <jd DOT vvd AT web DOT de>

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