camera recognition

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Feb 12 17:45:05 UTC 2008

On 02/11/2008 12:14 PM, norman wrote:

> Yes, Andy, I have and the icon is not there. In fact, using the card
> reader, into which I put the card from the camera, the icon to which you
> refer appears from which I drag the photos. What I am trying to avoid is
> wear and tear on the card contacts and the contacts in the camera.

I recall a similar problem that I had with my son's camera on his 7.10 -
can't remember the model just now, but what I eventually ended up doing
was going to
and the device showed up there. I could then copy the files/photos etc.
Sorry, can't recall how I resolved it (it was in November). I'll log
into his system (remotely) later this week and see if I can remember
what I modified.

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