camera recognition

norman norman at
Mon Feb 11 20:14:20 UTC 2008

> > I have the camera in front of me and I will describe what happens when I
> > plug the cable into the USB port. A screen lights up on the camera from
> > which I select PC and a window opens on the desktop labelled 'Import
> > Photos'. However, the camera which appears on the window, is not the
> > SP500UZ but the previous camera which had used my PC successfully. I
> > look on the list of cameras provided but my camera is not there. This is
> > not the behaviour described in the thread given by Nils therefore, I
> > must assume, that while the camera was recognised as something plugged
> > into a USB port by Ubuntu 6.06 it does not work with Ubuntu 7.10.

> >   
> Have you tried pressing cancel when the 'Import photos' window opens, 
> then looking on the desktop to see if the camera has mounted as a normal 
> USB block device, similar to a flash drive or external hard disk. If so, 
> you should at least be able to copy the photos onto your computer by 
> dragging and dropping them from this device, then import them into a 
> photo album program later.

Yes, Andy, I have and the icon is not there. In fact, using the card
reader, into which I put the card from the camera, the icon to which you
refer appears from which I drag the photos. What I am trying to avoid is
wear and tear on the card contacts and the contacts in the camera.


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