Uninstalling a downloaded program.

darkweasel darkweasel at euirc.eu
Tue Dec 30 14:25:31 UTC 2008

Tab Gilbert schrieb:
> Hello:
> Yesterday I downloaded and installed
> nautilus-dropbox_0.5.0-1_i386_ubuntu_8.10.deb
> using the nautilus Package Installer on an Intrepid laptop.  I am not 
> certain but I think some how it bonked the wireless.  I would like to 
> uninstall it to see if it is causing the problem.  I did not change 
> the repositories but simply downloaded and installed.  I searched the 
> mail list archive and the forums and it appears that
> sudo apt-get remove --purge PROGRAM
> is the correct method for removing the program.
> So, Am I correct in using
> sudo apt-get remove --purge nautilus-dropbox_0.5.0-1_i386_ubuntu_8.10.deb
> to remove it and see if this is the cause of my wireless problem?
> I am just using my version of a systematic approach and the wireless 
> worked before the dropbox install. It is the only real change I have 
> made to the system before it stopped working.
> thanks-
> tab
No. Use:
sudo apt-get remove --purge nautilus-dropbox
This is most likely the package name - which is different from the filename.

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