GNUCash question - duplicates

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Dec 25 15:40:43 UTC 2008

    I just want to make sure I'm not missing something stunningly obvious so
here goes a simple question Google has, thus far, failed to answer.

    I have 3 accounts (so far) that I want to track with GNUCash.  I exported
all of them in a single QXF file.  I imported them into GNUCash.  I have a
series of transfers from my main checking account to my savings account.  So I
go to the savings account, select one, and set it as coming from checking.  I
go to checking and it is now out of balance because the transfer is there
twice.  Once from the import and once from me associating the savings half of
the import to the checking account.

    Ok, I'd expect that if I were working with QIF files, but QXF files have
unique IDs for the transactions.  The duplicate entries in the Checking
account have the exact same ID.  So, the questions is this:

    Is there a way to get GNUCash to recognize those IDs as duplicates and
make the association at the import /or/ a command to go through the ledgers
and recognize duplicate IDs/dates/amounts as duplicates even if the memo
differs and remove duplicates?

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