acer aspire 5520G suspend/resume problem

Sergey Skorokhodov ucayalyfish at
Thu Dec 25 15:07:31 UTC 2008


I recently installed Intrepid amd64 on Acer Aspire 5520G and encounter a
rather strange suspend/resume problem.

If I use Suspend button of suspend function button on keyboard, the
machine does suspend (with a minor quirk), but hangs while resuming. The
only clue in dmesg is 

[    1.810395] tty ptyu6: hash matches

but frankly I just cannot interpret it. :(

If I suspend from terminal with sudo pm-suspend (without any quirks) it
just works except the same quirk: 
power button starts red-blinking and I see text screen with blinking
cursor on it. As soon as I press power button or Alt-F1 etc., the laptop
goes to seep and resumes successfully.

Any clues would be appreciated. I thought that pm-suspend without any
parameters is the exact way the system normally suspends. Am I wrong?


        Best regards,
        Sergey Skorokhodov (ucayalyfish at

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