GNUCash question - duplicates

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Dec 25 16:23:55 UTC 2008

Steve Lamb wrote:
>     I just want to make sure I'm not missing something stunningly obvious so
> here goes a simple question Google has, thus far, failed to answer.
>     I have 3 accounts (so far) that I want to track with GNUCash.  I exported
> all of them in a single QXF file.  I imported them into GNUCash.  I have a
> series of transfers from my main checking account to my savings account.  So I
> go to the savings account, select one, and set it as coming from checking.  I
> go to checking and it is now out of balance because the transfer is there
> twice.  Once from the import and once from me associating the savings half of
> the import to the checking account.
    Just a thought. I have GNUCash and it works fine. But about 2 years 
ago my Bank Wells Fargo started to improve their bank records I can get 
to. I have 4 accounts and they provide any time I want to a way to 
transfer any amount from one to another account. And it does it. If I 
had GNUCash running I have to keep it up to date. But now I just copy 
the data to my computer as a txt file that is easy to read.


>     Ok, I'd expect that if I were working with QIF files, but QXF files have
> unique IDs for the transactions.  The duplicate entries in the Checking
> account have the exact same ID.  So, the questions is this:
>     Is there a way to get GNUCash to recognize those IDs as duplicates and
> make the association at the import /or/ a command to go through the ledgers
> and recognize duplicate IDs/dates/amounts as duplicates even if the memo
> differs and remove duplicates?


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