Ubuntu Help: Wireless Internet Card Problem

Chadd Monahan Chadd at Chefsusa.com
Tue Dec 23 16:35:00 UTC 2008


 On my Dell Vostro 1,000, I had Windows XP Home Edition installed on it. 
It was brand new, never before used. I had a Wireless Internet Card 
built in to it, and Dell already installed it. I installed Ubuntu in 
Windows, so I wouldn't have to make a partition or compress space. I 
selected 5 G to use, made my user and password and all that. I came 
back, saw it worked, used it, and tried to use my wireless internet 
card. I set-up the wireless connection, with WEP and stuff, and tried to 
connect to it. I am guessing Ubuntu didn't detect the wireless card. Do 
I need to install the driver (I have disks Dell gave me with the drivers 
installed on Windows) or did I miss something?


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