Virtualbox Note

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Tue Dec 23 14:29:11 UTC 2008

Hi everyone...

I am sending this for the archives, primarily.

Recently I said that I upgraded Virtualbox because of installing a new 
workstation running 8.10, and VBox has a new networking engine where you 
don't have to jump through hoops with TUN/TAP to get a bridged network 
set up and I said it wasn't working properly on the new install.

In case people are looking, I was wrong...turned out that of all things 
to mess up, the image I migrated over was running with a static IP on 
the virtual machine that just happened to be the IP I was setting on the 
host machine, so the two were fighting over who owned the IP address.

So, I made a mistake, and I wanted it in the record that it does seem to 
work well once you don't assign the same IP to the host and VM :-)

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