Ubuntu Help: Wireless Internet Card Problem

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Wed Dec 24 08:29:01 UTC 2008

Chadd Monahan wrote:
>  On my Dell Vostro 1,000, I had Windows XP Home Edition installed on
> it. It was brand new, never before used. I had a Wireless Internet Card
> built in to it, and Dell already installed it.

Can you tell us which type of wireless card it is? If you don't know, 
please post the poutput of the command

sudo lshw -C network

in a terminal.

> I installed Ubuntu in 
> Windows, so I wouldn't have to make a partition or compress space. I
> selected 5 G to use, made my user and password and all that. I came
> back, saw it worked, used it, and tried to use my wireless internet
> card. I set-up the wireless connection, with WEP and stuff, and tried
> to connect to it. I am guessing Ubuntu didn't detect the wireless card.

How did you setup the wireless connection? If you did it with 
networkmanager I think it is only possible if Ubuntu found your wireless 

> Do I need to install the driver (I have disks Dell gave me with the
> drivers installed on Windows) or did I miss something?

If there is no Linux driver for your card you could use the Windows 
drivers with ndiswrapper. Then perhaps this will help:


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