Sundar Nagarajan sundar.personal at
Sat Dec 20 01:05:48 UTC 2008

Jan Mosterd wrote:
> 1. The Citicards website does not work anymore with Ubuntu 8.04, the 
> login portion disappeared after the updates....  I have another computer 
> with Ubunto 7.10 and that works fine.

As far as I could tell, the Citicards web site is poorly coded, and they 
have a useless Flash animation that covers the entire screen - that is 
why the login screen briefly appears and then disappears once flash is 
activated. That, and / or they have used some IE-specific HTML construct 
to specify location / size of the Flash animation.

Anyway, what I did was to block the following flash URL in Ad-block Plus:

Ad-block Plus is a Firefox extension - you will need to install the 
extension ( and 
restart firefox.

Once you have Adblock Plus installed, click on the little drop-down 
arrow to the right of the Adblock Plus (ABP) icon at the right of the 
Google search bar and choose 'Preferences'. In the dialog that comes up, 
choose 'Add filter' and enter the flash URL above. Close the dialog and 
try navigating to the site again.

Alternatively, you could try navigating to the Citicards site with 
Konqueror - it usually worked for me.


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