NoOp glgxg at
Sun Dec 14 20:56:44 UTC 2008

On 12/14/2008 12:08 PM, Don Jungk wrote:
> On Sunday December 14 2008 12:09 pm, Jan Mosterd wrote:
>> Hi, I have 2 questions/problems: 
>> 1. The Citicards website does not work anymore with Ubuntu 8.04, the login
>> portion disappeared after the updates....  I have another computer with
>> Ubunto 7.10 and that works fine. 2. I orderd 2 cd's (one month ago):    
> Hi Jan,
> I also have a problem with the Citicard site. The login appears, and then some 
> advertising crap blots it all out making it impossible to log in. When I 
> contacted them, they said I should look for an "popup blocker or something".
> What does solve the problem is:
> Immediately after the login appears, hit the Esc key to stop further loading 
> of the page. Then login and hit return.
> I have this problem with FireFox and Mepis, which is built on Ubuntu 6.x
> Don

They should used some of their "Bail Out" money to build a decent
website. Turn off flash when you absolutely need to visit their site.

For Firefox, install the Mozilla Prefbar:

Add the Flash and Kill Flash buttons so that you can turn flash on and
off depending on which sites you visit.

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