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Sat Dec 20 02:42:37 UTC 2008

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 19:05, Sundar Nagarajan
<sundar.personal at> wrote:
> Jan Mosterd wrote:
>> 1. The Citicards website does not work anymore with Ubuntu 8.04, the
>> login portion disappeared after the updates....  I have another computer
>> with Ubunto 7.10 and that works fine.
> As far as I could tell, the Citicards web site is poorly coded, and they
> have a useless Flash animation that covers the entire screen - that is
> why the login screen briefly appears and then disappears once flash is
> activated. That, and / or they have used some IE-specific HTML construct
> to specify location / size of the Flash animation.
> Anyway, what I did was to block the following flash URL in Ad-block Plus:
> Ad-block Plus is a Firefox extension - you will need to install the
> extension ( and
> restart firefox.
> Once you have Adblock Plus installed, click on the little drop-down
> arrow to the right of the Adblock Plus (ABP) icon at the right of the
> Google search bar and choose 'Preferences'. In the dialog that comes up,
> choose 'Add filter' and enter the flash URL above. Close the dialog and
> try navigating to the site again.
> Alternatively, you could try navigating to the Citicards site with
> Konqueror - it usually worked for me.
> Sundar.

Seems like too much work - try this:

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