Printing multiple copies

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Dec 18 04:20:24 UTC 2008

On 12/17/2008 05:58 PM, Preston Kutzner wrote:
>>> Not sure if this is quite what you were looking for.  But, using  
>>> the following command, I still only got 1 copy from the Toshiba  
>>> printer:
>>> lp -p <printer_name> -n 2 <file>
>>> This command *did* yield 2 copies on the HP printer, though.  The  
>>> command Brian suggested only gave me an error when trying to  
>>> specify a page count.
>> This would be good, but I need to print multiple copies of pages  
>> within a document.
> Yes, unfortunately, it doesn't really help in your situation.  But,  
> since you are using an HP printer, the collate option should work for  
> you to be able to get more than one copy of your document, or pages of  
> your document.  I can confirm that it works with page ranges, at least  
> it does for me.
> Unfortunately, there's still no explanation as to *why* multiple  
> copies doesn't work unless collation is selected, or why it doesn't  
> work at all for a printer that I never had a problem with under Hardy.

Multiple copies works for me (intrepid) via OOo and Firefox to both a
Canon MP750 (via IPP) and to a cups-pdf printer. This appears (IMO) to
be an HP issue. Could be wrong, but I find no issues printing via IPP
from Intrepid to an Hardy connected Canon.

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