Freeze SO Linux, it's possible?

Lorenzo Luengo lluengo at
Thu Dec 11 05:44:03 UTC 2008

Anthony M. Rasat escribió:
> Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>>> As a side note, no, I've never found similar-type software 
>>> for Linux to "Freeze" it despite looking around.
>> What?
>> Gimme tar and rc.local, I'll give it to you for free.
>> That's not *quite* the same as deep freeze...
> Yes, if you are using root account to do anything. Local user "freezing" should be easy to achieve, unless the user wants pretty GUI on top of it. I think tar command line is pretty though. Pretty ugly.
Maybe you're looking for something like squashfs, a compressed and 
read-only filesystem (usually used in live-cds).

Try having a look at
> To Lars and co.
> We were talking about product DeepFreeze. As in Faronics' Deep Freeze? ( Not freeze as in panicky, failure-laden kernel or spinless-induced, overheated hardware?

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