Freeze SO Linux, it's possible?

Anthony M. Rasat anthony.rasat at
Thu Dec 11 05:20:20 UTC 2008

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>> As a side note, no, I've never found similar-type software 
>> for Linux to "Freeze" it despite looking around.
> What?
> Gimme tar and rc.local, I'll give it to you for free.
>That's not *quite* the same as deep freeze...

Yes, if you are using root account to do anything. Local user "freezing" should be easy to achieve, unless the user wants pretty GUI on top of it. I think tar command line is pretty though. Pretty ugly.

To Lars and co.
We were talking about product DeepFreeze. As in Faronics' Deep Freeze? ( Not freeze as in panicky, failure-laden kernel or spinless-induced, overheated hardware?



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