Freeze SO Linux, it's possible?

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Thu Dec 11 19:08:35 UTC 2008

Carlos Carrero Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi, i would like to freeze my linux in order to freeze the OS, then,
> when I reboot the computer all changes that i made in the computer
> dissapears and it returns to the previous OS freezed.
> In windows there is something similar, called "Deep Freeze" (it's
> freeware).

As other have pointed out, there is a version of DeepFreeze for Linux
already and they have proposed alternative solutions. Another solution
could be to use logical volume snapshots.

There was a web page in the domain that I had read some years
ago where the author was doing fresh installations of the OS on every
network boot where the OS could be Windows or Linux, depending on which
the user picked from the boot menu, in a university environment.
Apparently, the way they were doing it was fast enough to be feasible. I
wish I could find the page again but no matter which search terms I've
tried and how much I've dug through my bookmarks, I haven't been
successful. It may have had something to do with Etherboot, some Rembo
product (now folded into the IBM Tivoli product range), bpboot. Any of
this ring a bell for anyone?

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