Selling Linux to Windows Users

Robert Holtzman holtzm at
Tue Dec 9 22:44:50 UTC 2008

On Tue, 9 Dec 2008, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> 2008/12/9 Mark Haney <mhaney at>:
>> So, having a sword is better than having a gun?  I mean, the sword came
>> before guns.  And I do believe there was MASS adoption of the sword.
> Swords work when they are full of sand, they do not need reloading,
> they do not need the meticulous cleaning and frequent disassembly of a
> firearm, and have many other advantages. They are faster and less
> expensive to manufacture, less prone to abuse, and can be used for a
> variety of purposes.

Unless, of course you need to engage at more than arm's length! In many 
cases capability trumps robustness.

Bob Holtzman
"Bother", said Pooh, as he chambered another round...

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