Selling Linux to Windows Users

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Dec 9 19:44:23 UTC 2008

2008/12/9 Mark Haney <mhaney at>:
> No, I'm familiar with it, I just didn't catch the context.  I'm not
> personally familiar, but my Father was in Vietnam, my grandfather and
> Father-in-law were both in WW2 and my father-in-law wa sin Korea as
> well. He was a heavy machine gunner.  Won 2 Silver Stars and 6 Bronze
> Stars and is the most decorated soldier in the county I live in.

Would that be Joe Hooper? Or Audie Murphy?

>> I wish that I knew that same people that you do.
> I doubt it.  Most of them are slightly insane, like I am. However, this
> area (Western NC) is becoming somewhat of a place to find a good
> computing background.  We take that sort of thing seriously here.

I wish that were the case here. Even the educated don't think about
computer security.

>> Here, computing is generally is Click Click Click. And if the codec
>> pack is called Joe's Virus Pack but it will play that Simpson bootleg,
>> so be it.
> I do believe that is true for the majority, but I do believe that that
> mindset is changing. Albeit slowly. I do think my experiences here are
> 'not the norm' as much as I want them to be.

Not here. If things are changing then I'm not seeing it.

>> It is a common argument that is pointless. History is important, but
>> the accepted version of it is not necessarily what happened, or why.
> So very true.  I spend the rest of my free time (what there is anyway)
> studying classical history.  It's very obvious from historians of that age.

Really? We need to sit on some beers.

>> No, I don't. People want shiny. You know?
> Shiny is all well and good (and I'm ADD I love shiny things), but more
> people now are looking critically at their computing infrastructure and
> finding that 'shiny' isn't always what you should look for in computing.

I hope that mindset spreads. Really, I do.

Dotan Cohen


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