Selling Linux to Windows Users

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Dec 9 13:09:03 UTC 2008

2008/12/9 Knapp <magick.crow at>:
> There is no "force" here. If Windows were better, I for one would love
> to know about it! I might even switch back, if I had a lot of free
> cash to give away.

Windows has better accessibility features. Scratch that- Windows HAS
accessibility features. Gnome has nothing useful other, and all of
KDE's accessibility features were abandoned in KDE 4.

Windows has software for professionals. In my profession, engineering,
what CAD software is available for Linux?

> Having used Windows for years, studied with MS programmers and lived
> in Seattle, I know what windows is. Why Linux is better is very
> interesting to me and I posted it because I thought others might want
> to know also. I personally think MS is on the more evil side of life.

Evil? MS is a business, it is their job to lock you in.

> Many people would be much happier with Linux if they knew why they
> would benefit from changing and then made the change.

And what they would be missing as well.

> Making the change from MS to Linux is hard.

Then don't do it. I should switch you from Toyota to Ford, because
Ford is right for me.

> It took me a year to start
> to feel at home with Linux. Now I would NEVER go back because of the
> power and freedom that comes with this system. The politics of Linux
> and the free software movement is also a bonus for me!

And those who need those freedoms can use their FOSS programs on
Windows. What freedom-giving Linux software does not run on Windows?

> I think that
> the more informend people are the more likely they are to do the work
> of changing.

That is true, if there is a benefit to that work.

> With more people comes more power to get things like
> drivers working in Linux.

I agree with this 100%..

Note that I have not had any MS software in our household since
October 2005. However, it is not because I hate MS or because I am on
a mission to convert the world. It is because Linux suits our
household. That is not true for every household.

Dotan Cohen


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