Can't Navigate My LAN Or Ping

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon Dec 8 22:00:29 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Att Yahoo web mail does use pop3 and SMTP servers. But I use it because
> I can see it better and it's better formatted than evolution or tb
> which I have installed and set up. The seeing issue is overriding for
> me-:))

Did you try Kmail? There you can set the fonts to your preferred size.

> > > --- On Sat, 12/6/08, Nils Kassube
> > <kassube at> wrote:
> > > > Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > > /etc/network/interfaces
> >
> > > iface wlan0 inet static
> > > address
> > >
> > > iface eth0 inet static
> > > address
> >
> > I think it is a bit unusual to have 2 interfaces with the
> > same address,
> > but from another of your mails I know that it worked with a
> > previous
> > Ubuntu version. Therefore I think it should work with your
> > current
> > version as well. OTOH, could this be the reason for your
> > intermittant
> > internet connection?
> > As you are using only one of the
> > interfaces at a
> > time, I would suggest to use another address for one of the
> > interfaces.
> > You have in use for the other machine already,
> > so use e.g.
> > for eth0 while you keep wlan0 at
> The NIC card is always disconnected in normal use when using the
> machine as wireless in the other room. Nm must have set it up as I
> don't remember everdoing so. 

Well, from your interfaces file (see above) we know that it is setup 
manually to the same addresses. I don't think NM would change that setup.

> I think I should quit procastinating and 
> rm netwrok magager as NoOp suggested and actually intended to but
> haven't yet. Strange, I just again checked /etc/network/interfaces and
> nm and they both only showed a wireless connection. I had commented out
> auto wlan0 which was still there but another on was added at the bottom
> of the file. 

IMHO the "auto wlan0" is needed for a static setup. If you want NM to 
manage the interface you should remove all entries for that particular 
interface. A standard interfaces file for management by NM would have 
only the entry for the loopback interface.

> Also, the last time I looked at 2wire config early this 
> morning, it has wireless disabled and wired enabled. Now it's OK again
> after resetting nm and restarting networking. If nm is causing all this
> I want to rid myself of it and can see NoOp's distaste for it. This is
> really wild for me and never noticed it before on gutsy 32bit. WOW!

NM is very useful if you have changing connections but if you are always 
connected the same way, NM isn't really necessary if your static setup is 
working. But whatever you decide to do with network manager, please try 
if your situation improves if you use different IP addresses for the 
interfaces eth0 and wlan0.


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