lost all sound

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Thu Dec 4 21:44:12 UTC 2008

I'm having some difficulties with sound generation by my Rails app on 8.04 64-bit with FF3 installed.  Some .wav files played and some didn't.  So I just uninstalled FF3 and installed (via Synaptic) FF2.  Now I got no sound at all.  Flash isn't available for 64 bit at the download page.  I'm getting a 'wrong architecture' error at the installer.  RealPlayer doesn't seem to be available for 64bit either.  Now I'm wondering how I had any sound at all with FF3.  Or how the heck I've got Skype calls.  I'm lost.  Help?!

I still need to get FF2 working with audio, primitive audio if necessary, if possible.  Could I get some Guidance plz.

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