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H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 22:13:21 UTC 2008


Bill Walton wrote:
> I'm having some difficulties with sound generation by my Rails app on 8.04 64-bit with FF3 installed.  Some .wav files played and some didn't.  So I just uninstalled FF3 and installed (via Synaptic) FF2.  Now I got no sound at all.  Flash isn't available for 64 bit at the download page.  I'm getting a 'wrong architecture' error at the installer.  RealPlayer doesn't seem to be available for 64bit either.  Now I'm wondering how I had any sound at all with FF3.  Or how the heck I've got Skype calls.  I'm lost.  Help?!
> I still need to get FF2 working with audio, primitive audio if necessary, if possible.  Could I get some Guidance plz.
> TIA,
> Bill

Did you face sound problem when Firefox was running? In other words, did
 sound work with Firefox not running when it was installed?

Next, please post the output of the following commands:
$> aplay -l

$> aplay -L

Finally, what is the desired output on your system (external speakers,
headphones, etc.)?


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