Bind - one pc,two ips ,two dns servers

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Thu Dec 4 08:39:10 UTC 2008

> Lose the spam-l as your backup in this debate, since i dont know who or 
> anything about the members, I do not care for any of it, just because a 
> blacklist maintainer is on there, means nothing to me, if you were to
> show network managers for most of the large Tier 1,2 carriers/ISP/ASP's 
> from around the world were on there, yes, then that would then carry
> weight.

/me shrugs. AOL, Verizon, Nortel, Cox Communications, Roadrunner 
hmm...looking mostly American or maybe I should say, those who have a 
bone with spam and a few select carriers who actually cared to talk to 
others about getting help to clean up and maintain good relations with 

> Remember, most people send complaints to their ISP about spam, so their 
> abuse depts are the only ones qualified to make a countable comment on any 
> problems, just because a blacklist mainainer might have had, lets say 3 
> complaints, you can almost bet the ISP has had 30+  But once we convinced 

There exists clueless abuse desks that cannot read headers and block 
because the From: says it is from so and so or other faulty criteria if 
they actually know how to get to the headers.

> the users the mail system adds spam status yes and sends the low scored 
> spam as an attached message so they dont have to actually read it, we have 
> very few complaints, high scored spam is silently discarded as per
> RFC 5322 (although was doing it before when 2822 was active, but customers 
> were duly informed we did it) so everybody is happy :)

I guess I cannot imagine how else one would do it. Rejection of that 
crap just makes others suffer. I guess you wouldn't want to get into 
discussions on that kind of stuff on spam-l. :-P. Email has gotten so 
bad you can standardized dropping mail now. Sigh

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