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Fri Aug 29 21:23:56 UTC 2008

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 8:02 PM, Mark Haney <mhaney at ercbroadband.org> wrote:
> Knapp wrote:
>> Mostly for *buntu lists but try stepping into other lists!! Beware! I
>> have been really #$#$ because of asking questions on other lists. On
>> the other hand there are some really nice people on most of those
>> lists that say ignore so and so he is a dev. I am a dev and don't want
>> that rep but that was what was said. Step off these lists with your
>> Nomex suits on and shields up! I wish it were not so.
> I would disagree with this on a couple of points.  I'm on nearly every
> major distros list.  Each has it's quirks so each needs different types
> of answers.
> My problem with this blanket statement is this:  Most lists are very
> welcoming /if the question is concise, relatively detailed and expressed
> with a modicum of intelligence behind it/.

I have not run into problems with the very few disto lists I am on but
with listservs for programs. I will not say which ones because some
people there were very nice.

> Sadly, most posts from n00bs are very similar to the post that started
> this thread.  Not well explained.  Not well articulated and not /asked/
> but more or less demanded an answer.

What do you expect from a person that had a hard time finding the
computers on button but in most cases can do way better than you at
something else like art or whatever.

> Sure, n00bs don't always know the proper ways to email lists.  I get
> that.  They can't always give you the detail you need to fix their
> problem, that also is understood.  But when introducing yourself to
> someone you don't shout at them.  You shake hands, say, hi I'm new here
> and I need help.  Not 'IT"S BROKEN, FIX IT'.  You know?

Agreed, but it is rare.

> That, I think was part of my sarcasm to the post.  I really dislike
> people demanding help, especially when they can't spell, punctuate or
> use proper grammar.

Totally out of line. I for one am dyslexic and that means that almost
every English class I was ever given was changed to one to teach me
spelling (Never worked, I would have been better of learning grammar).
This happened right through high school. Now I have a masters of
science but my grammar, spelling and punctuation still suck. Does that
mean I need to get flamed, or suffer sarcasm? I am also from the USA
but live in Germany (After 2 years here it is a good day when I can
say, "tea", correctly). You will find that a large number of people on
this list speak English as their second language. How is your German,
Spanish, Chinese etc grammar and spelling and puntuation? What would
you do if you needed help from a system that was mostly in one of
those languages? Also a lot of people, especially the older ones,
can't type! To write a nice email takes them a good 30 minutes. I once
had a student who's hands and fingers where to big for the keyboard.
You must be from the USA and have never left it. Even your phone
number on the sig looks like it is not international. So this is as
close to flaming some one as I have ever gotten. :-) Hope you like it.
Just thought I would keep it all in one paragraph for you and those
who would like to skip this bit.

> In most lists, n00bs aren't flamed for asking.  They may be flamed if
> they KEEP asking over and over and don't seem to be willing to learn, or
> want us to hold their hands all the time.  Even then, I dare say the
> flames aren't that common anymore.  At least on the lists I'm on.

Yes, it has gotten better but still has a long way to go. I also
suspect that there will always be the ass out there that did not
sleep, has a hang over and just got in a fight with the boss and wife
on the same day.

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