change permitions in user home

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Aug 12 02:03:34 UTC 2008

On 08/11/2008 05:50 PM, Doug Pollard wrote:

>     William Witt  got me straight and everything is working I belieive.  
> Another problem I had was I could not save anything to my desk top. That 
> is now working.  My reply to, address is still wrong so I am adding to 
> it by hand each mail to correct it.  Istill have the problem with Kino 
> in that it can't capture raw or dv 1394.   Things are looking much 
> better and my blood pressure is coming back into a normal range. I won't 
> fool with it any more tonight :-P
>                 Doug

Glad you got it sorted out. For future reference feel free to drop me a
note/question directly if you need basic Ubuntu system help. While your
first choice should always be the list, I work (volunteer) on-water Race
Committee for one of the top yacht clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area &
I'm always happy to help another Ubuntu sailor - even if you are on the
left coast :-)

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