very basic about initial install

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Sat Apr 26 17:46:42 UTC 2008

Pastor JW <pastor_jw at> writes:

> what shell are you using?  Mine said the same things BUT I found "session" in 
> the upper left corner and it gave me a "new root shell" option which worked 
> fine!  I don't know why sudo or su would not work in the regular shell.  I 
> also don't like the way the newer distros keep you from signing on as root.  
> Having to go twice around the barn to get in the barn door has never made any 
> sense to me.

I never saw anything offering a choice of shells so I guess its the
default.  Probably bash.

I've gone to the server install now which I was told would afford a
command line.  I am not finding anyway to a command line.

Server install appears to be the same install routine but with ncurses
sort of windows... So instead of a crippled gui install its a crippled
gui primitive ncurses install.....I don't understand this at
all... seems kind of ridiculous ... I hope this isn't a sign that once
installed many other `features' also appear ridiculous compared to
other linux distros.

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