ubuntu 7.04 suspend problem?

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 11:34:11 UTC 2007

On 27/09/2007, gmane <LanDan at asu.edu> wrote:
> Hi, I installed a windows xp + ubuntu 7.04 64bit dual boot system on a
> Desktop with AMD 64 x2.
> The ubuntu works fine until last night when I pressed the "suspend"
> button instead of "shut down" to have fun. Then, immediately the LCD has
> no signal, and the keyboard has no response at all. But the power light
> is on and cpu fan was still making noise.   It seems very similar to a
> situation of laptop standby. I don't know how to "unlock" it. So I just
> pressed the power button to reboot the system.
> The ridiculous thing is that the system skipped self-check. I saw the
> lights on the keyboard flashed once when the power is on. Then, no
> response at all ( I tried to press the cap key, no light is on).  LCD
> still has no signal.  Power light is on and CPU fans starts to work. The
> machine just "stand by" :(
> Even if I put in a live CD, the system has no response when reboot. I
> can not even access my BIOS information now, neither to the XP system.
> so essentially I've no idea how to reinstall a system under current
> situation.  The system looks just dead, no response for whatever I do.
> Is there any key combination to unlock the "suspension" situation?
> Any suggestion is highly appreciated!! Thanks a  lot!

Try disconnecting it from the mains and leaving it for a while. At
least 10-15min, preferably overnight.

If that fails, try the motherboard CMOS reset jumper. Consult your
motherboard manual, or look up the model - open the machine, look at
the motherboard, find a name or part number, and Google for a layout
diagram or manual.

Most motherboards have a jumper on them to reset the information in
the machine's NVRAM. You might need to use this. One temporarily
connects the 2 contacts of the jumper with a cap - or even a
screwdriver or bit of wire - and sometimes then you cycle the power

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