ubuntu 7.04 suspend problem?

gmane LanDan at asu.edu
Thu Sep 27 06:16:20 UTC 2007

Hi, I installed a windows xp + ubuntu 7.04 64bit dual boot system on a 
Desktop with AMD 64 x2.

The ubuntu works fine until last night when I pressed the "suspend" 
button instead of "shut down" to have fun. Then, immediately the LCD has 
no signal, and the keyboard has no response at all. But the power light 
is on and cpu fan was still making noise.   It seems very similar to a 
situation of laptop standby. I don't know how to "unlock" it. So I just 
pressed the power button to reboot the system.

The ridiculous thing is that the system skipped self-check. I saw the 
lights on the keyboard flashed once when the power is on. Then, no 
response at all ( I tried to press the cap key, no light is on).  LCD 
still has no signal.  Power light is on and CPU fans starts to work. The 
machine just "stand by" :(

Even if I put in a live CD, the system has no response when reboot. I 
can not even access my BIOS information now, neither to the XP system. 
so essentially I've no idea how to reinstall a system under current 
situation.  The system looks just dead, no response for whatever I do.

Is there any key combination to unlock the "suspension" situation?
Any suggestion is highly appreciated!! Thanks a  lot!


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