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Mon Sep 10 07:55:33 UTC 2007

On Mon, 10 Sep 2007, Mario Vukelic wrote:

> First of all, what exactly are you trying to achieve?

I have installed a program called brltty that allows me to read the screen in 
Ubuntu and Ubuntu/gnome with a braille display.  Step 1 was to get the program 
installed and executable from the command line.  That's working now.  Step 2 was 
to get it to run early enough to show me the logon prompt for the console and 
then for the Ubuntu/gnome full screen.

I put a line in rcS to execute it by calling a script saved in init.d.  This 
works, but comes with some mysteries.

1.  How did the filename for the brltty script find its way into a directory of 
links and get assigned 25 as a part of its name without my ever doing a ln or 
anything to help this happen?  I've created other scripts in /etc/init.d but 
none of them have found their way into a numbered link; none of them had the 
identical name as the program they invoked, but I'm not certain this matters.

2.  If I wish to have brltty start in a different place, say at 83 instead of 
25, can I just issue a new ln command with a new assignment and expect it to 
wind up there and not run multiple times?

I appreciate the references to things to read and will check them out, 
recognizing there's some learning to do here.



> > On Sun, 2007-09-09 at 23:01 -0700, Christopher Gray wrote:
>> However, I have created such scripts in /etc/init.d and then found them linked
>> into a different directory in a filename that contains a number that seems to
>> suggest the order in which that file would execute.
> Read the file /etc/init.d/README and the URL
>> However, I have never
>> executed a link command or assigned a number in some other way.  How did this
>> link get created?  There seems to be some sort of automated trigger I don't
>> understand.
> They are created by some packages on installation
>> If I've got such a numbered file in the link directory, how do I change that
>> number in case I wish this program executed earlier or later in the execution
>> sequence?
> If you want to change existing links, you should really know what you
> are doing, it's easy to break things. If you really want to do it, read
> the man page for update-rc.d ("man update-rc.d" in a terminal, or go to
> menu System -> Help -> Advanced Topics -> Terminal Commands References
> (man pages))
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