Installing Ubuntu from floppy disk?

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Nov 27 01:31:54 UTC 2007

On 11/22/2007 05:45 PM, Ashley Benton wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a very old computer using windows 3.1 and not really working. I
> wanted to install Ubuntu on it for my son. This computer has only a floppy
> drive and apparently no programs to go on internet. Is it possible to
> install Ubuntu from floppy disks? How do I create the floppy disks? If I try
> to move a copy of my ubuntu cd inside the floppy disk, Ubuntu tells me that
> there is not enough space. Any advice would be welcome.
> Thank you
> Meg

Please don't do that. My guess is that you'll only render the machine
worthless by trying to put Ubuntu on it due to the fact that it probably
doesn't have sufficient CPU and Memory. Try some of the smaller distros
others have recommended if you want to put linux on it.

Google to find out how to determine the cpu & memory of the machine,
then post back with the details. Then others can better recommend what
you should try. My guess is that you might just have to give up the
ghost and junk the machine, or install Win95 on it.

Your best bet might be to find a recycle center and pick up a used
semi-modern machine (1Ghz/256Mb and above) for a few bucks [1]. Given
that it's nearing the holiday season/christmas, check with friends,
family, neighbors that are going to buy new PC's for Xmas and ask if you
can have their old one. You'd be surprised what folks consider old &
throw out when they get a shiney new PC [2].

[1] Ubuntu will run just fine on even a 450Mhz machine with at least
384Mb of memory. I ran a 450 for over a year just fine... albeit a
little slow. Memory is the most important bit.

[2] This weekend I just gave my son an upgrade from a Win2K 350Mhz/256Mb
machine to a free recycled 1Ghz/256Mb (that I added a 128Mb & 64Mb
module to hat I got for 50 cents each, for 400Mb) Ubuntu Gutsy machine.
I just added their 30Gb drive to the 20Gb drive that was in the machine
& copied all of their data over. The difference is like night & day and
you'd have thought that I had just given them a brand new, out of the
box machine :-) Total cost $1 USD.
  The only hitch is that my son's military financial banking *only*
works with MS Internet Explorer... so I had to add IEs4Linux so that he
could access those accounts.

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