Installing Ubuntu from floppy disk?

Ashley Benton meggalen at
Tue Nov 27 19:44:00 UTC 2007

>From DOS the list is: computer Award/Award, pentium TM
memory 640K, 31744 K extras
video VGA, cirrus
Network, No network
US Version MSDOS: Version 6.22
Mouse: serial mouse
Disk drives: A, C, D
LPT port: 1
com port: 1
windows 3.10 Not active
>From the list given by DOS and the echec with arachnee, which stopped in the
middle of the set up and didn't find internet, I could guess that the card
use to plug the ethernet cable is not working. So now I would try to install
a little system on it because its Windows is not working correctly and the
floppy given with the computer don't work. If the computer can work
correctly with a small system I will think about fixing the internet
connection. And nobody that I know wants to get rid of their PC... I already
tried to install  basic linux for DOS and fluxbox but didn't success yet,
the file are not .exe and I still don't know how to install them with the
DOS, but I found out how to begin .exe if I am in the windows. I will
continue to google to find out and understand what I have to do. I will also
check for the recycler centers
Thanks for your answer

On Nov 26, 2007 8:31 PM, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:

> On 11/22/2007 05:45 PM, Ashley Benton wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have a very old computer using windows 3.1 and not really working. I
> > wanted to install Ubuntu on it for my son. This computer has only a
> floppy
> > drive and apparently no programs to go on internet. Is it possible to
> > install Ubuntu from floppy disks? How do I create the floppy disks? If I
> try
> > to move a copy of my ubuntu cd inside the floppy disk, Ubuntu tells me
> that
> > there is not enough space. Any advice would be welcome.
> > Thank you
> > Meg
> >
> >
> Please don't do that. My guess is that you'll only render the machine
> worthless by trying to put Ubuntu on it due to the fact that it probably
> doesn't have sufficient CPU and Memory. Try some of the smaller distros
> others have recommended if you want to put linux on it.
> Google to find out how to determine the cpu & memory of the machine,
> then post back with the details. Then others can better recommend what
> you should try. My guess is that you might just have to give up the
> ghost and junk the machine, or install Win95 on it.
> Your best bet might be to find a recycle center and pick up a used
> semi-modern machine (1Ghz/256Mb and above) for a few bucks [1]. Given
> that it's nearing the holiday season/christmas, check with friends,
> family, neighbors that are going to buy new PC's for Xmas and ask if you
> can have their old one. You'd be surprised what folks consider old &
> throw out when they get a shiney new PC [2].
> [1] Ubuntu will run just fine on even a 450Mhz machine with at least
> 384Mb of memory. I ran a 450 for over a year just fine... albeit a
> little slow. Memory is the most important bit.
> [2] This weekend I just gave my son an upgrade from a Win2K 350Mhz/256Mb
> machine to a free recycled 1Ghz/256Mb (that I added a 128Mb & 64Mb
> module to hat I got for 50 cents each, for 400Mb) Ubuntu Gutsy machine.
> I just added their 30Gb drive to the 20Gb drive that was in the machine
> & copied all of their data over. The difference is like night & day and
> you'd have thought that I had just given them a brand new, out of the
> box machine :-) Total cost $1 USD.
>  The only hitch is that my son's military financial banking *only*
> works with MS Internet Explorer... so I had to add IEs4Linux so that he
> could access those accounts.
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