what would you do?

norman norman at littletank.org
Mon Nov 26 08:53:24 UTC 2007

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> >> I would just install Ubunut (or Edubuntu).
> >> Who needs windows?

There is a lot to be said for that.

> I understand the machine is for your grandchild.
> If it's any consolation, my daughter has been using Linux since
> age 3 (first RedHat based K12linux, and now Edubuntu).
> She is now 8.  She uses e-mail and chat (all supervised, and only
> chats with her cousins and e-mails family members), does research
> and writes school projects, has her own digital camera, etc.
> Also, when I was teaching public school a few years back, I placed
> machines running RH based K12linux in my classroom, and students got
> on and did research, made presentations and projects, etc., without
> any difficulty whatsoever. 

She is very happy and confident using Edubuntu and has been using Ubuntu
with me for quite some time. Most of her requirements are, indeed,
satisfied by Edubuntu, the Windows is a sort of safety net. You know the
sort of thing, a friend can do this why can't I, or some well meaning
person gives a disc which will not run on Linux. 

I know what I will do, she will have Edubuntu only for now and, if the
need arises, I will add a small hdd to the machine and put windows on
that. Then, all eventualities will be catered for.


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