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Richard cms0009 at
Sat Nov 24 17:23:29 UTC 2007

On Friday 23 November 2007 5:38:09 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> > Well, after using (K)ubuntu's for about 3 years, I can say, coming from
> > Mac and Windows, there are some gaps in Linux apps that need to be
> > filled:
> >
> > Email Clients: Linux's does have some good email clients,
> > However...they are not fully intergrated, into the OS, as "Outlook",
> > Secondly, there are allot on-line services plug-ins, for "Outlook", like
> > Plaxo which is "Great" for keeping your contacts up-to date. ( plus ) you
> > see other plaxo member's, in your emails, that you may or maynot have as
> > a contact.
> KMail is fully integrated into the _OS_.  It just doesn't have all those
> plugins...  But as for Plaxo -  I have no
> idea how good it is, but it's advanced far enough to have a bug database.

Disagree with that statement, Kontact (kde-pim) its no-where near as 
intergrated into the OS as MS Office Professional & Outlook are.

Good to know, that kontact is getting a plaxo plug-in.. (YEA!)

> > However..."Outlook" suffers from the single file database or .pst files,
> > which can easily become corrupted, compare to KMail, which keeps
> > messages, in maildir or mbox format,
> mbox format is no improvement... :-)

Agree, but there are differences between Mbox formats:
Thunderbird, Eudora, Kmail... all have a differences, have done 10's of 
thousands of importing emails betweens clients, with medium results.

> > its a better solution (But Sql Backend would be better),
> I disagree, but Linux has that.  There's at least one IMAP implementation
> that uses a SQL backend.  There'd be zero point to putting that into the
> mail client.

Not even talking about IMAP, but (pop3), I want to take all my emails with me, 
on the road (laptop) all 800,000+ So, Sql backend would be the better in this 

> > plus Kmail has has better filtering than Outlook, but not as
> > good, compare to Eudora ( which can use multiply statements ) "if or and
> > "..etc, on a single filter. ( one time, I used 9 statements on a single
> > filter )
> omigod!  I can't do that???  I _do_ do that.  However, in KMail you're
> restricted to a mere 8 conditions and 8 actions per filter, so I guess
> Eudora wins :-)

You can't do this:in Kmail
if from contains: Tom123 at

if from contains: chris123 at

if from contains: carl123 at

if body contains: purchase order
then do this:
if message has attachment:
drop attachment into folder (Desktop)
and play sound


if body contains: purchase order
then do this:
if message contain no attachment:
display alert 

That is one filter that could be done in Eudora

> > Koffice, is coming around, but due to KDE 4, there still not there yet,
> > as a unified Office product
> I thought Koffice still sucked.  Maybe I'll check again.

Heard its suppose to be revamp in Kde4 (heard) could be a rumor

> > Again, keep in mind, unified application's "That" are keeping up with the
> > technologies of today, like: ajax ,flash web 2.0, ".net"..etc
> > intergrated into Linux, that would get more people's attention, instead
> > of eye candy.
> See, you're making the same mistake somebody made last week when they asked
> why KMail didn't do spam filtering.  _Why_ should the applications
> be "unified"?  They should be _cooperative_.  What you're asking for, KMail
> can already do - at least to some extent, but storage solutions don't
> belong in the client.  So install a Postgres backed IMAP server, and that
> part is dealt with.  KMail uses various plugins - and klaxon is at least in
> development.  Already, I can sync Kontact with my yahoo calendar and
> contacts, and partly with my google calendar and contacts.  Some use it
> with Exchange (not me, unfortunately - damned corporate IT won't enable
> that).

Unified, application should work together, front and backend,
between the seems, and fully interaction between apps, as if the application,
where plug-ins of each other.  Again, where not talking about IMAP,
where talking about pop3 accounts, with large email mailboxes.
and unified is what I meant 

     adj 1: formed or united into a whole [syn: incorporate, incorporated,
             integrated, merged]
     2: operating as a unit; "a unified utility system"; "a
        coordinated program" [syn: coordinated, interconnected]

> btw, Ajax (at least) is _very_ far from a "unified" solution (and ime is
> _mostly_ about eye candy).
> --

Agree, with that, but was not stating "Ajax"  is as a unified application,
was referring to Kontact and Koffice. (aka: MS Outlook & MS Office 

Regards -

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