Linux Wish List ( Email Client )

Chris Jones jonesc at
Sat Nov 24 17:43:26 UTC 2007


>> KMail is fully integrated into the _OS_.  It just doesn't have all those
>> plugins...  But as for Plaxo -  I have no
>> idea how good it is, but it's advanced far enough to have a bug database.
> Disagree with that statement, Kontact (kde-pim) its no-where near as 
> intergrated into the OS as MS Office Professional & Outlook are.
> Good to know, that kontact is getting a plaxo plug-in.. (YEA!)

What do really mean by "integrated into the OS" ? My guess is you really 
mean "Integrated into the DE (desktop environment)" The two are not the 
same on Linux.

On windows, there is only one OS and only one DE and the two are badly 
merged together.

On Linux, the OS and DE are really distinct. There is one OS (Linux) but 
many DE (KDE, gnome, fvwm, xfce etc.).

So asking for your email client to be integrated into your 'OS' is 
really ambiguous, you need to specify which DE you are talking about.

For me, kmail/kontact is pretty well integrated into the KDE 
environment, however, this of course is only apparent when running KDE 
as your DE. It is likely to get much better with KDE4, but give it time.

Similarly evolution is well integrated in the ubuntu gnome DE.

cheers Chris

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