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damian misc at
Thu Nov 15 21:34:34 UTC 2007

Brian McKee wrote:
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> On 15-Nov-07, at 3:03 PM, damian wrote:
>> I had a real fight a few months ago to get a decent display from my  
>> BenQ
>> W100 projector. I never did managed to get a wide screen image
>> outputting but spent so long trying that I settled on a 1024x768 image
>> with wide screen 'display size' settings.
>> This worked ok, and still displays ok, but I've had a problem since
>> upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10. The main GUI of Ubuntu works fine, but  
>> when I
>> press CONTROL + ALT + F1 to log in without the GUI the screen can  
>> not be
>> displayed. I just get an out of range or invalid message from my  
>> monitor.
>> I don't need to do this much, but do need it.
>> I can see the boot up of the machine when the computer starts, so it's
>> not like that mode can't be displayed at all, and I know this used to
>> work fine. But now going to CONTROL + ALT + F1 is invalid.
>> Can any of you in the know check out my xorg.conf file and tell me  
>> where
>> I'm going wrong?
> cntrl-alt-F1 has nothing to do with your xorg.conf file   - it's  
> outside of X
Thanks for that information. I didn't know that.
> Gutsy seems to have issues with the console for many people - google  
> for some of the threads.
> You could try adding 'nosplash' and removing 'quiet' from your grub  
> options to get an 80x25 console that may display ok for you on the  
> projector.
> Hope this helps
> Brian
The weird thing is I can see the resolution I want to be seeing when 
Ubuntu boots up. I can see the bios of the machine and the text that 
comes up before the splash screen starts. However, I can't see the 
equivelent text when the machine shuts down. That resolution suddenly 
seems to be out of range. I concluded that something must change once 
Ubuntu boots up and assumed that was to do with xorg.

I'll try to figure out what to search for in google.


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